Our Professional Team

Our Mission

To provide our customers with only the best services and solutions Right on Time, Everytime

Our Core Values

Nylect core values represent the beliefs common among all our businesses in every country where we operate. They support how we do business, how we treat our stakeholders and how we work with one another as colleagues.

Nylect places great importance on employee virtues. The Five Key Core Values identified to facilitate the smooth development of process and relationships are:


• Show gratitude and sincere respect for others

• Continuously strive for self-improvement with strong




• Be honest, sincere truthful

• Understand and honestly accept one's own

  personal strengths and weaknesses



• Willingness to work hard and take responsibility

   to deliver high quality work

• Take initiative to pull every person involved together in a

  project to innovate and create maximum value for customer


• Quick to grasp the key fundamentals in any situation

• Swift in taking the right actions to create winning results


• Bravely confront difficulties and face challenges

• Never be hasty in decision making, and execute only after

  careful thinking

The Nylect Team consist of qualified personnel with many years of experience in our field.

Our management's tried and tested framework of quality and assurance has enabled us to satisfy the ever increasing demands and expectations of our customers.

Board of Directors

Sim Hee Chew : Managing Director

Chua Ah Suai : Executive Director

Ong Wee Heng : Executive Director

Management Team

• Sim Hee Chew - Managing Director

• Chua Ah Suai - Executive Director

• Aini - Finance Manager

• Kym Lee - Human Resource Manager

• Simon, Tan Chong Ing - Operations Director

• Joe, Chua Chye Chiew - Operations Director

• Yeoh Ek Boon - Business Strategy and Development, Director